The orange colour is having a moment right now, and all of our favourite fashion influencers have just dubbed orange the hottest colour of the season with neon, salmon, peach, zest and earthy orange tones all over our Instagram feed.

If this cheerful colour is too bold for you, finding the right shade or pairing it with neutral pieces can tone down the bright hue to suit your taste.

Sorry, but we have to say it: Orange is the new black! Whether you’re ready for a full-on orange look or just a pop of orange via an accessory, let the following outfit pairings be your zest guide.

Crisp Suit

2022’s easy outfit of choice? A vibrant suit, which you can dress up or down depending on the footwear. Step out in a bright orange option and pair with a neutral bandeau top with heels in the same colour for that eye-catching look.

Colour Combos

Don’t limit yourself when wearing this colour. Combine pink and orange pieces for that eye-catching, fun, and vibrant look.


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As an Accessory

In case you want to tip-toe into the whole orange buzz. Try it out with orange accessories paired with turquoise, purple, green or beige pieces. It automatically adds that extra oomph to your look.


Monochromatic outfits are never going away. Instead of the usual black on black, opt for orange.


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Fun Prints

If you’re a fan of prints, you will love this fun way to style the colour orange. The pairing is best suited if the print has a touch of orange.