Lagos Fashion Week continues their work in furthering industry conversation beyond the runway, with an important conversation around e-commerce with a mix of nascent industry leaders and fashion e-commerce startups.


On their Instagram page they shared:

This Friday at 6pm, our #StayHome series live on YouTube will focus on how E-Commerce is taking Center Stage within and outside the African Continent and what this means for African creatives. We will be joined by Sam Mensah (Founder, Kisua), Amira Rasool (Founder & CEO Folklore), Nisha Kanabar (Founder & CEO, Industrie Africa), Ijeoma Ogbechie (Founder, Avivere), Ayotunde Rufai (CEO, Jendaya), Moulaye Taboure (Co-Founder & CEO, Afrikrea) and Omoyemi Akerele (Founder, Lagos Fashion Week). 


Watch the full session below: