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Omoye Isabota is back with another Moimoi recipe remix featuring Àsun (special African spicy roasted goat meat), green & red bell peppers and lots more. You will love this, hit the ▶ button below to watch:


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Moimoi — a steamed or boiled bean pudding made from peeled black-eyed beans combined with onions and fresh red peppers, spices and other ingredients — is one of the most loved meals in West Africa. It is made in several homes for breakfast and dinner, it is also sold as street food.

Also called “Moin-moin”, “alele” or “olele”, this protein-rich food is said to have originated from the Yorubas in NigeriaBenin and Togo. Moimoi is traditionally steamed in a specific leaf called “Ewé eran” — Thaumatococcus daniellii, though it can also be steamed in other materials.

Credit: @omoyecooks