Do you ever think you could contour like a pro? Thanks to the plethora of makeup artists on YouTube, everyone is becoming somewhat of a beauty expert. However, if you’re not paying close attention (or you’re watching the wrong tutorial), things can get pretty grim very fast.

So, how exactly are you supposed to create the subtle illusion that adds definition to your face or soften any sharp features without any harsh lines? Thanks to beauty vlogger Omabelle you too can contour and highlight like a professional even if you are a beginner.

She wrote on her channel:

In today’s video, I will share some beginner-friendly tips on how to effectively and seamlessly contour and highlight with ease. This will be a beginner-friendly makeup tutorial, and I know how difficult achieving flawless skin can be especially when dealing with acne and imperfect skin so I detailed some techniques and tips you can use.

And as always, this will be a full face makeup look where I show you how I cover my acne, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Hope you enjoy it! xoxo.

Watch the video below.