Senegalese sustainable womenswear brand NÜÜBA led by Haoua Mamoudou recently unveiled its debut summer resort collection. 

The brand’s latest offering capitalizes on the global trend for comfortable women’s clothes that feel fashionable and alluring. This lookbook consists of nature-friendly breathable fabrics with soft lines, easy silhouettes and relaxed fits. Each garment is 100% sustainably produced, using locally sourced materials and made by fairly paid expert garment workers in and around Dakar.

According to the statement of the Creative Director:

NÜÜBA champions the African style but also rejects the idea that only one type of body is beautiful. We make clothes for all bodies, all shapes and all women. I believe that we are witnessing the birth of an African fashion eco-system, reinventing women’s style, creating much-needed jobs, and doing it with integrity and vital sustainable practices.

See the full collection below.



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