Ugandan Actress and influencer Natasha Sinayobye is the cover star for Satisfashion UG‘s September 2019 digital issue.

Inside the magazine, she talks about how she has managed to live a very private life in the limelight, why her beauty is such a pain and how farming saved her life.

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On working hard and making her own money
I have really worked, this is why people sometimes say ‘I think that chic is like 50 years old.’ It’s just that you have seen me in the limelight and I’ve been hustling, been working from one job to another. You needed to have seen me on my first big paycheck. I was so excited. I went home, gave it to my mum and told her lets go to Shoprite and shop for the house

On social media and keeping her life private
But it still goes back to what content you are putting up. Why would you share your whole day on Snapchat? There is also a safety issue. You need to look at it from the other angle-don’t only look at the advantages. Yes you’re getting followers but among these followers, the ones you call ‘my followers’ who looks out for you? Most people just can’t wait to see you fail. When, when? When is she failing?

On the sexist and ageist roadblocks surrounding women
The one mistake women make is underestimating their own power. Being a feminist means understanding your power as a woman and using it to your advantage. We can take over the world, I don’t even know how women don’t know this yet. No man will stand in front of you and challenge you. I can never show my home. I do not post my child, no. You see this is my cross to bear (fame), not his. I do not post him. My whole family is away from the media.

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Muse: @natashasinayobye & @stallone_lub
Photography: @fredbugembe
Styled by @tazibone_solomon of @kredibility_styling .
Makeup by @vannyglam_ug using @natnalash
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Creative direction by Hassan & Banji