Womenswear brand Moofa has released its Spring/Summer 2019 campaign photos. The new collection tagged “Two Sides To A Story” features sparkly and colourful designs mixed with a rich cultural aesthetic.

According to the statement following the release:

Two sides of a story is a collection which was inspired by masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture in Florence, Italy and was given life by the hustle and cultural spirit of Lagos, Nigeria.

It has the artsiness of Florence and the bubble of Lagos yet maintaining the vitality of both cultural diversity. It is palazzi by day, and owambe by night.

The collection explores a balance of different worlds, where though we are all different, we are still one and the same. It is beautiful in a sense that whether you are loud and bubbly, or you are a minimalist, you will find a piece from this collection that appeals to your senses.

“Two sides of a story” is everyone’s story because we are all a mix of different experiences.

Muse@vanessaza, Omodele Idiahi
Models: @_ujumarshall , Arafat
Photographer: @kellystrophq

See all the photos below: