It came to us as no surprise when Dénola Grey announced his new collaborative collection with Orange Culture. The Actor cum Fashion Consultant cum Influencer boasts of more than 25ok Instagram followers who covet almost every colourful and edgy outfit he posts, so it makes sense that he has teamed up with one of Nigeria’s leading designers (and his close friend) Adebayo Oke-Lawal.

The capsule collection includes about 10 unisex styles ranging from ₦18,000 to ₦30,000 and mirrors Dénola’s personal style. Like he told us; “I made sure I designed pieces that I would wear.” The collection includes matching short sets, breezy shirts and a relaxed slouchy jumpsuit.

Keep scrolling to read our interview with Denola, along with the stunning campaign photos.

BNS: What was the inspiration behind this collection?
Denola: This collection was inspired by a summer that has been redefined by the current global climate, but not completely lost. I wanted pieces that people could lounge in, but also wear out, when it’s safe to go outside again. I like the theory of extending your wardrobe with a few pieces and always looking your best, even at home.

I have always wanted to do a capsule collection and ironically, that was on my bucket list of things to do before my 30th birthday. As you know, fashion and style are so important to me, so I wanted to know If I could actually design anything. Through this experience, I’ve gained a newfound respect for the design process and designers. It’s a very meticulous work!

BNS: Why choose Orange Culture for this collaboration?
Denola: Orange Culture chose me! Which was such an honour and also a fortuitous bonus because OC is a brand that speaks to me very deeply and was on my list of brands would like to collaborate with’.Here we are! I love that Orange Culture is all about individuality and freedom of expression. When Bayo Oke-Lawal, Creative Director for Orange Culture, asked if I would do a capsule collaboration, I immediately said yes! Even before he sent the rest of his message!

BNS: Who is this collection for?
Denola: This collection is unisex. For both men and women. I am very big on inclusion and I want people of all ages, sizes and genders to feel comfortable in these pieces. My target market is anyone who shares in this ethos.

BNS: What are your favourites from this debut collection?
Denola: I honestly love all the pieces. I made sure I designed pieces that I would wear. It’s hard to choose. It changes depending on my mood.

BNS: What are some future plans for Denola Grey in the fashion design space?
Denola: You know I never lay out all my plans and I also never say “never”. Who knows what the future holds? But whatever I decide to do, I’ll make sure I let you know first.

See the full collection below

Producers: Bayo Oke-Lawal (@theorangenerd )
Denola Grey ( @denolagrey )
Immanuel Anosike ( @imma_anosike )
Director: Joel Tariebi ( @tariebi.joel.visuals )
Assistant director – Rhema
Photography: Mikey Oshai @mikeyoshai
Photography assistants : @weythecreator / @lasalvy / @ini_ladipo
Orange Culture team assist: @the.eniyan.cluster @a.j.i.d.e
MUA: @iamdodos
Set design : @eventsbyclaud