If you’re anything like us and chopping all your hair off is a constant fantasy, let Tiwa Savage’s look be your inspiration. When we spotted the singer in this textured pixie, we felt just one thing – total and complete envy.

You cannot deny the power of a shorter crop – it highlights your features, and when the cut is just right, it frames your face and is a statement in its own right. Nothing says transformation like a Mia Farrow-esque crop. Not to mention the fact that it’s easily one of the most versatile, flattering, and classic haircuts of all time.

Tiwa Savage, a new devotee of the look, is clearly loving it.

For more insight into just how to maintain the look we tapped one of our faves Instagram fan favourites Laurent Toglo and he said “A pixie cut is a very popular style for this season, if you are brave enough to do it,” explains celebrity hairstylist Laurent, who is famously head of Doranne Beauty‘s hair department. “If you have great cheekbones, it really enhances that, and if you don’t it frames the face in a way that gives it that illusion.”

And the best part? It’s so low-maintenance. If you’re a stickler, you can fit in regular salon visits for quick tweaks, if not all you need for everyday styling is a little styling cream to add some texture “Avoid using too much. Or it will flatten the hair and make it look greasy. Less is more,” notes Laurent. Savage has long credited MegaGrowth for keeping her locks on point and her edges laid.

Laurent wholeheartedly agrees:

‘Taking care of your hair is paramount and for relaxed textures, I swear by the Profectiv range to care for your hair in between your regular trims. It really helps maintain healthy hair ” says Toglo. “Make sure to keep it properly hydrated with a leave-in conditioner like the ProfectiV Mega Growth Break Free Daily Leave-In Strengthener so it stays nice and soft in between your scheduled salon visits’.  For Tiwa’s healthy sheen, use a pea sized amount of polisher a few times a week. ‘I like ProfectiV Mega Growth’s Smooth Polisher for a no muss, no-fuss finish.’


Tiwa Savage’s haircut features some length at the top and the tousled, wind-blown texture brings out the variations of length within the cut and even makes the hair look thicker.The haircut skims her forehead and ears, making it a true pixie. Styled sleek and straight or slightly curled without a flyaway in sight, the loss in length is chic and pretty dramatic.


If you want an edgier vibe, have your hairstylist cut it with uneven strands around the forehead—some longer, some shorter and choppier for that rockstar edge.


If the idea of chopping all your hair off is still too jarring, try a haircut that falls between a bob and pixie. You can wear it wavy with a center part, or push it to the back to get a feel of what a true shaggy pixie would look like.

This is by far one of the shortest haircuts we’ve ever seen the songstress wear.

Tiwa’s proven it, the pixie is here to stay.

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