BNS: Why did you start your line?
Lhambi was started out to satisfy the footwear needs of “every woman” regardless of shoe size. I
would classify myself as one of those ladies because I am an European size 42 and sometimes 43
which is a US 11 or 12. I have always had difficulty finding shoes in my size all the way back to my
secondary school days. As I found it is a tad difficult to find decent shoes my size in Nigeria, it became a mission such that every time I had the opportunity to travel out of the country, I returned with half a suitcase of shoes in my size. I also noticed that this is a common problem as my four sisters wear size 42 and some of my close friends also wear size 42 and over. I started paying attention to ladies’ feet and asking how and where they sourced their shoes.

Truth is, if you looked hard enough, you would find shoes in big sizes. However, most of these shoes
are comfort shoes, sneakers or are found in the male shoe section. Furthermore, and in my opinion,
these shoes come off as boring and flat. It is a general assumption that ladies with big feet are
typically tall, as such, they would not require high heels. I am 5ft 9” and I love high heels.

Based on my extensive interaction with many ladies both from my professional and social network, I believe that there is clearly a need and market for bigger sized shoes in Nigeria and Lhambi was founded to meet this need.

BNS: Who is your favourite celebrity or influencer to work with? 
I haven’t had a chance to work with any celebrities, but I do have a lengthy wish list of celebrities in
the fashion and entertainment industry whom I admire for their elegance and effortless expression of personal style and positive influence in society.

BNS: How would you describe your label?
An upscale fashion company that creates footwear with the most exquisite and high-quality materials from the most notable regions of South America and Europe. Each pair of shoes is made with love by skilfully bringing together style, elegance and creativity for women from all walks of life because “style has no limits”. At Lhambi, freedom of expression is our guiding principle and this is what our slogan, “because style has no limit”, is based on. We believe that everyone should be able to express their individual style without limitations. The right shoes complement your outfit and as such, every woman should be able to dress however they like and wear whatever they want without any limitations. At Lhambi, we believe that every woman should be able to express their style without the limitations of accessing the right shoes.

BNS: What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?
A simple black dress and a clean white Tee & dark wash jeans, a pair of “comfortable” heels and most importantly that pair of flats that works with everything. From my experience, these essentials are timeless pieces that will carry a woman through the seasons — and years.

BNS: Who is the Lhambi woman?
A Lhambi woman is confident, elegant and possesses the freedom to express herself through style and most importantly, in the right shoes regardless of her size.

BNS: Where do you get style inspiration?
My style inspiration is from a combination of various elements – places I have been, things I have
seen and my ever-evolving personal style. My feet are also a major contributor as I look for styles that fit comfortably on bigger sized feet. I am constantly looking at people's feet and shoes while paying attention to what works best for them and try to imagine the piece(s) worn in diverse ways.

BNS: Where can we purchase pieces from the brand?
Our pieces can be purchased from our website: We are also available on
Instagram: @lhambi and WhatsApp: +2348079101010. We are also currently exploring the option of stocking at few stores to make our shoes more accessible for customers that like to ‘feel and touch’.

Photo Credits:
Creative Director: Amaka Nwokeji (@makziee)
Photographer: Smokii Studios (@smokii____)
Models: Chibuzor Eyo (@bubulicious267), Ozioma Okenyeka (@oziomaokenyeka) and Susan Perer (@thatdoctormodel)