Dodos is an Award-winning Celebrity Makeup Artist with an eye for clean simple yet striking beauty. She’s the definition of simplicity with an edge. Dodos is also a global beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer with a YouTube channel and her IamDodos brand and has worked with many local and international brands like Lancome to Clinique, Daniel Wellington, Zaron, Taos and more.

Dodos travelled to Marrakesh with a group of girlfriends and today, we’re highlighting her personal travel style for her trip to Morocco. See our interview with her below

Why do you love travelling?

I have always wanted to see the world. Travelling makes me feel liberated, free, I love to experience various cultures and I learn something different from every trip e.g language, food, and history. I also love to explore beauty and skincare unique to different countries.

Why did you pick Marrakesh?

Whats not to love about Marrakesh? I picked Marrakesh because I was yet to understand how beautiful a place could look from photos [online] and wanted to experience it for myself.

Airport Chic

The worst mistake I ever made was travelling in Denim (jeans) and after that day I swore never to travel in tight clothing. I usually go with something comfy most likely cotton or lycra. Black is such a perfect colour to travel in, it helps hide dirt and if I spill anything on myself I am covered. I always carry a sweatshirt or hoodie and socks too and oh yes a pair of comfortable sneakers.

Chic, Classy & Cool

Fey Kamson [of FNP Travel] told us it was really hot during the day and cold at night but I didn’t pay that much attention to that so I packed strictly Summer fashion (which I regretted). But yes, I had a theme and for someone like me who wears mainly black and white or neutral colours, I had to step outside my comfort zone.

I also packed according to the unique vibe of the cities we visited. For instance in Marrakesh, I wore loads of white and creams because the entire city is red/coral in colour, In Chefcheoun (The Blue City) I packed white and yellow [outfits] because yellow goes well with blue.