On his way home in an Uber from a Sunday evening event, menswear maestro and arguably the tuxedo king of Africa, Mai Atafo took time out for a casual chat with BellaNaija Style about things he loves.

With an outstanding performance at #BAAD2017 – handling costumes for every member of the wedding party in Cape Town with his Weddings by Mai Atafo brand for the ladies – we’re curious to know what Mai loves to do asides from work.

BellaNaija StyleWhat are your top three dishes to eat?
: Boiled yam with any interesting sauce that I like. I also like Chinese food, my favourite dish is either going to be a seafood fried rice or the house special fried rice. And the last one would have to be peppered snail.

Photo Credit: Dobbys Signature

BNSWho are your top three designers?
Mai: Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana.

SS18 | Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren

BNSWhat are your three favourite films, TV Series, and Books?
Mai: For a good read, the rack menswear magazine. Now people will know I don’t really watch TV. My favourite movie now is Kingsman but my favourite movie of all time – an old movie that I always like to go back to see and it gets me excited – Coming to America, it’s been in my head of late.

Favourite TV series from the ones I watch now, Empire. I’ve never watched Mad Men but people around me have suggested it so I just might, I’m very bad with TV Shows but I’ll add one more, Sex and the City.

Location: Venice

BNS: What are your top three travel destinations?
: As someone that doesn’t travel often, London, Milan and Cape Town.

BNSWhat are your top three activities to do for time out?
Mai: Sleep, listen to music and watch TV. I’m very boring.

BNS: Favourite artistes to listen to
Mai: Michael Franks, Barbara Streisand and Michael Bublé. I like myself some Michael Bublé.

BNS: 3 styling tips for men

  • Wear formal trousers with adjustable buckles so you don’t have to worry about matching your belt and your shoes because you won’t need a belt
  • When in doubt wear a white shirt, you’ll never get it wrong
  • For every season you must have one killer pair of shoes and bomb sunglasses
  • Bonus: Sundays are for trad, and not just trad, Mai Atafo trad. It’s also the best outfit to wear when travelling to look good and be comfy. That way you can wear slippers and you won’t look too casual but it also makes you look formal

BNS: 3 ways to style a white shirt

  • Casual: White shirt, blue jeans and coffee brown loafers
  • Semi-formal: Grey trousers, white shirt, blue blazer, brown double monk shoes
  • Super casual: White shirt, several buttons down a pair of bright coloured shorts – preferably pink, and casual shoes like espadrilles. Don’t forget your sunglasses and if you’re brave enough you can put a little scarf on your neck, only if you’re brave enough.

Photo Credits: @maiatafo@iammaiatafo