As she covers The Bar Magazine’s April Issue, South African actress Jessica Nkosi gives truth to the saying that women who wear black lead colourful lives.

Coming across as feminine, alluring and mysterious both in the cover and the videos shot by the magazine without seemingly even trying to do so, Jessica Nkosi proves the timeless storytelling power of the color black which she wears throughout the shoot and subtly reminds us that in 2019, black is the new black.

In the feature story with The Bar Magazine, Jessica takes us behind the scenes of her glamorous life and all the way back to her getting admitted to study law in the University of Kwa-Zulu-Natal and the many transitions and challenges that the actress has had to face and is still facing just by virtue of being Jessica Nkosi. The actress discusses her unique way of dealing with imposter syndrome – a syndrome many creatives can identify with – and pressures of her ever transitioning life and it comes as no surprise to us that the actress finds mental solace in acting.

Acting is a coping mechanism… my headaches go away when I’m a different character. I have an opportunity to get away from myself…I get to play someone else all day, other people have to be themselves all day



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