Lagos is definitely not lacking in people who know how to dress. From bloggers, to stylists to creatives right down to the okada men, the art of dressing is one that seems inherent in every Lagosian just like the instinct to survive in the loud populated and lively city. However, there is an elite crowd of Lagosians who take fashion to the next level with their unique personal style that leaves you marveling. Among this elite crowd, there’s Jennifer Oseh somewhere leading the pack, pushing at the box and confines of sartorial norms.

To say Jennifer Oseh is a style aficionado would be to state the obvious. Her personal style is undeniably orthodox and unpredictable. But the best part of Jennifer’s style, however, has to be how in a world where minimalism is the rave and maximalism seems to have fallen out of favour, Jennifer embraces maximalism. Dubbed the queen of layering, Jennifer is always finding news to mix and match prints and colours and have the resulting outfit look simply stunning.

While each of Jennifer Oseh’s look is definitely a hit, these recent ones are just out of this world! 

Credit: @theladyvhodka