It’s official guys! The collaboration between Jackie Aina and Too Faced cosmetics has officially launched. The Born This Way foundation range has increased to 35 shades with 11 new hues, 9 of which Jackie helped develop to increase the range of diversity beyond Cocoa, which was once the brand’s darkest shade. Now there are 3 darker shades after Cocoa, another win for #TeamMelanin #BlackGirlMagic!

Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ Foundation

According to Allure, the partnership began nearly a year and a half ago when Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino reached out to Jackie to help expand the brand’s complexion colours. Jackie told Allure;

I’ve been championing diversity since I first started my YouTube channel, I appreciated that Too Faced acknowledged that they needed to better meet the needs of everyone, and asked me to come on board to help them get it right.I must have swatched the existing colors dozens of times, trying to visually identify where the gaps were,” she says of the process.

Jerrod Blandino & Jackie Aina

Jerrod also told WWD;

It is so important to me that everyone feels like they are seen and loved, so collaborating with Jackie was a no-brainer and the only option in my mind. She brought her expertise to the table and worked tirelessly to get it right. She helped me properly formulate undertones and fill in the gaps we were missing in the line. I’ve always admired her advocacy for deeper skin tone inclusion and she’s the epitome of the Too Faced girl.

In her YouTube video about the new shades for the oil-free full coverage foundation, she mentioned she consulted loyal Too Faced customers, some of her subscribers and fellow YouTubers, enquiring for common colour complaints and requests.

Many dark shades tend to go a little reddish, and I wanted to have ones with varying undertones

Jackie also added a few olive and golden-based medium hues to the range but her ideal shade is Chai, which she explains to be a “deep golden shade that doesn’t oxidize or turn orange.”

Jackie also pointed out that what makes the extended range of Too Faced long wearing foundations so different is the fact that she (a woman of colour) was a part of the creative process.

Just because a brand has a lot of dark shades, doesn’t mean that people are wearing them. By bringing on someone with dark skin to create these new colours, Too Faced really wanted to get it right

Jackie shared the official campaign video on her Instagram page, see it below

Aside from the 9 new shades, there are also two new lighter options, Cloud and Seashell, which Jackie did not work on. The foundation, which has coconut water for more hydration and hyaluronic spheres to give a smooth finish, retails for $39 and you can find it at, Sephora, and Ulta.

This is the third makeup collaboration for Jackie Aina since she started her YouTube channel in 2009. She previously worked with E.l.f. to create an eyeshadow palette in 2016, and again with Artist Couture on Diamond Glow Powder Highlighters. Read Jackie’s interview with WWD here.