So you put in the work as a media personality, and you are finally getting the recognition and opportunities that you deserve, but the truth is that because we put our work on social media, there are people who are bound to hate what we do for no just reason. Also, we find instances where you might trend or go viral for specific comments, things you have done, places you have gone to and people you have associated with.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

This brings hate on social media, or you might just be controversial with the statements you make. But it is necessary that you learn how to deal with social media hate which can be crushing and make you feel so low.

Analyze the social media user that is spreading hate

There is a wide variety of social media users that could be considered haters. Some are real accounts, and some are anonymous. The anonymous users are usually more dangerous haters, as they have no photos or information about them on their accounts. Thus, they have nothing to lose. The stakes are incredibly higher for your brand as many consumers use social media consumers. It is wise to delete and block a hater if they are abusive or exhibiting hate speech towards another user.

Respond in a respectful way

If the hater is genuinely questioning your brand in a non-abusive way, then it is wise to respond. While responding, it is absolutely never okay to be disrespectful or snarky. Responding in that manner will place you at the same level as the hater.

Be genuine

Your response to haters from real accounts should be authentic and sincere. Others on social media may not believe that a hater is actually spewing hate. Instead, they may believe that the hater is actually offering constructive criticism. This is not always the situation, but it is imperative to recognize when it is time to hear back from your consumers online.

Have conversations with your community

Be open to having a conversation to deal with the hate. Some comments may start as a rant for some people, but if you open dialogue in a kind way and you’re willing to listen to what they want to say, you may end.

Let go of what you can’t control!

Keep in mind that you can’t control people who hate you and do not want to try to understand you or your message. People who are not willing to listen to your story, values, or beliefs. People who want to get into a fight instead of having a great conversation.

Every experience that you have, both physical and digital, carries a pearl of wisdom that you can learn if you choose to. What may appear negative on the surface can quickly become an educational and learning experience for you. Pay attention to what triggered a hater’s attack. Why did it happen? What was the context in which the attack happened? Is this something BIGGER than you, your message, and your essence? Analyze every single step you take, and always try to maintain that organic feeling.