Well, February – the month which seemed to just go on and on – has finally come to an end! Although, historically, January has been known to be the month which leaves us wondering when or if it will ever come to an end, it seems 2019 decided to switch things up. This resulted in January being quite a fast month and February – despite being an amazing and eventful month and having just twenty-eight days – just would not come to an end. However, here we are at the first day of a brand new and beautiful month and we are very excited to see what our amazing BellaStylistas will get up to and even more excited to bring to you round-the-clock fashion and style reportage. To get you started for this month and to celebrate the weekend which is here already, the BN Style team came together over here at HQ and we have curated as usual the five things that we couldn’t get enough of this past week.  From the BellaStylista who had us spending even more time on Instagram to the collection we will be spending all our money on!



Nonnistics’ latest collection release The Black Diamond simply reminded us of our obsession with monochrome. The story behind the brand, the pieces from the collection and the images from the lookbook has us emptying all of February’s salary into their hands because we honestly have to own every piece from this particular collection.



We are always on the lookout for beauty brands with great aesthetics and with products that actually deliver results and Makariah Scrubs does just that. We find that after a very stressful week, there are few things as relaxing as getting down with a trustworthy facial scrub to get rid of all the grime and dirt you have accumulated over the week and unveil the fresher and beautiful skin underneath so you can bet that this is what we would be doing this weekend!



2019 has been a great year for the international entertainment industry and has had amazing releases so far, while we wait for the return of music giants like Beyoncé and Rihanna, we have had other talented musicians release beautiful bodies of art. Between last night and this morning, Solange Knowles released When I Get Home; a beautiful nineteen-track R&B album which is her first since the iconic A Seat At The Table and everyone on the BN Style team can’t stop streaming it. This week we were also fascinated by the trailer of Man Of Her Dreams. Featuring Sonia Irabor, Folu Storms and more, we most definitely can’t wait for it’s release because it seems to be the fun micro-drama we need in our lives.



This week, The Kitchen Muse once again had our mouths watering with her Nigerian meatpie recipes! However, this week the restaurant which made it’s way to the top of our list of restaurants to visit in Lagos has to be The Metaphor Lagos. This restaurant has been harassing us with pictures of foods that leave us wondering it our diets are really worth it.  It’s very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing space that we know for a fact would make for the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram photo! So if you find us there this weekend, ignore the aforementioned diet and understand that we just could not resist.



While our Nigerian BellaStylistas definitely made us proud this week, we were particularly obsessed with South African beauty content creator Mihlali Ndamase every day of this week! Mihlali constantly makes our phone screen light up with her flawless makeup and her unbelievably chic and modern style. The content creator’s consistency and how she manages to constantly and always leave us in awe is something we just can not get over!