With March coming to an end, the entire BN Style team can tell you that the month has been truly one heck of a ride. We have had a lot of fun celebrating all the amazing women in our lives and in the world while covering and attending all the specially curated and planned events which have taken and are taking place this month -from Veuve Clicquot Polo Masters which took place last week to the For Style Sake shopping presentation taking place this Saturday. Has the week been busy? A big yes! Did we have fun covering all of this and delivering the best content right to your digital doorsteps? An even bigger yes! To bring this week to an end, everyone of the BN Style editorial and social media team came together to talk about all the things we have been loving recently. From the BellaStylista we couldn’t seem to get enough of to the beauty products we are splurging on tis coming pay day.



Typically, we love raving about the latest fashion campaigns and collection releases we find and while, there isn’t a shortage of those to talk about this week, our editors seem to have found love in pieces from Nigerian androgynous brand Orange Culture’s SS19 collection. The non-conformity of the genderfluid pieces makes it a hit amongst the girls AND the boys on the BN Style editorial team. The pants are fire, the shirts timeless classics and the overall look is genuinely out of this world. Can you hear the fanboy/girl in us right now? We can’t even help it.



Payday is just around the corner and if there is one thing we are all doing it is splurging on all the beauty products that we have had on our wish list all  month. And one product that keeps popping up has to be the Matte Apothecary Body Salve – a product which comes highly recommended by Emmanuel Okoro of Emmy Kasbit and Abebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture – two of our favorite male fashion designers and we’ve seen their skin, we aspire for ours to look that good.


The Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Reunion Show might be even more interesting and dramatic than the original show was – shocking as it may sound. But all our faves are back, in one place, no one is holding back, everyone has tea and everyone is spilling and we are here for every bit of it. If you are looking for something to watch this week that will have you laughing and tweeting all day then get your tea cup and tune in to the BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show. 



The past week, a new food spot opened in the University of Lagos and you can bet that this had everyone (including us excited)! The menu is affordable (think student-budget friendly) and the meals are undeniably tasty and although we would have been happier with maybe a bit more space and servers, this is one aesthetically place and if you’re looking for us this weekend just go to Purple Bistro.



This past week, we were absolutely in love with beauty youtuber and content creator Dimma Umeh whose easy grace and beautiful skin is truly goals. This week, as the girls on the team are still doing their best to do their makeup by themselves and keep turning to Dimma Umeh’s videos for guidiance, it was unanimous that she was without a doubt the BellaStylista of the week.