When it comes to putting together the perfect holiday outfit, I believe planning ahead is key. Personally, I am an obsessive planner and I have had my holiday outfits ready almost a month in advance even though all I plan on doing is eat, eat and yes, eat! However, things don’t always go the way we planned and maybe something happened to your dress even after it was a perfect match when you first had your fitting or your tailor – like most Nigerian tailors – pulled an Amaka (ie disappointed you P.S I think we should carry this word and it’s new meaning into 2019) on you and now you’re left with nothing to wear, so many places to be and you’re panicking because this is New Year’s Eve you need to slay.

If this is you or you’ve simply left picking your holiday outfit till the last minute then this holiday style guide is perfect to help you put together the perfect holiday outfit despite how late it is already:

1. Don’t Forget To Be Colourful


It’s the holidays, it’s almost NYE, it’s the perfect time to be extra and colourful. Maybe you have a colourful number (especially the colors of the season; gold, red and green) in your wardrobe that you haven’t been bold enough to wear all year, well tis this season and there won’t be a better time than now. The fact that you haven’t worn it already (or enough) makes it perfect to a last minute  outfit .

2. Up Your Accessories


Your accessories game can make or break your outfit and it can take it from bland to festive. Little things like a neck piece, your cuff links and rings may just be what you need to turn that basic look you already own into the holiday look you need. Your accessories game can put Cinderella’s fairy godmother out of business!

3. A Suit Can Work But Make It Festive


Suits are many gentlemen’s idea of the ultimate fashionable and that isn’t a problem but if you’re reaching for a suit this holiday season try to ensure that it is holiday appropriate. Try something vibrant or floral like Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s suit and boom! Festive!

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward


I believe there is a corny but very true quote that’s goes ‘good shoes take you to good places’, cheesy but very true. Holiday appropriate shoes vary depending on where exactly you’re going but universally accepted shoes this festive season are dress shoes, Chelsea boots, leather and suede shoes. If you get your shoes right, you’ve gotten forty percent of your outfit right.