Table manners. There are some things you can’t hide and table manners is one of them. It’s very disappointing to find that some people were not taught and those who were taught, have thrown them away. Or perhaps they just never truly knew how they were meant to comport themselves. Sadly, it’s one of the things that is slowly eroding away from the fabric of the modern-day lifestyle. Never too late for a refresher course on table manners though. Here are five things to keep in mind when you’re eating.

Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

1. Chew with your mouth closed

As basic as this may sound, some people just don’t realize the importance. Yes, it’s lunchtime and there’s hot gist on the menu. But no, we don’t need to see what’s going on in your mouth nor need a soundtrack on how you chew your food. Take bite-size portions, this will help you respond to or give the gist without irritating everyone non the table.

2. Don’t taste anything with a knife

Whilst watching a review recently, the individual tasted the food with a knife. A knife whether blunt or sharp does not belong in your mouth. It is surprising how many people in Lagos will taste something with a knife. The table knife is designed to help cut food into smaller portions as well as put food on the fork. Please do not taste anything with a knife.

3. Keep elbows off the table

Don’t lean or slouch over a meal. Other than looking like you don’t want anyone to steal your plate, it’s extremely bad for your digestion. Your upper spine is bent forward when you eat with elbows on the table. This will cause your ribs to be pushed inwards and your stomach is squeezed between the two.

4. Your fork/spoon is not a knife

Breaking news Nigerians! Lol. It’s a painful thing to watch your meat fly off your plate because you were trying to cut it with a spoon or fork. Millions of plastic knives go unused in Lagos. Use a knife to cut your food and meat into bite-size portions.

5. Ask before you taste someone’s food

A little courtesy goes a long way. No, you’re not entitled to taste someone’s food. Ask politely with the cutlery still placed on the table rather than stretched out. Besides, you really shouldn’t be that keen on tasting what someone is eating with Corona Virus on the loose.