One of the most talented Chefs on the scene is Nelson Michael. Nelson is anything but your regular Chef. He’s an embodiment of passion meets dedication and consistency. Born and raised in the Southern part of Nigeria, Abia State, Nelson has reminded true to his commercial routes.

Known as Chef Cupid, because he is literally “Mr Love on a Plate”- a self-taught pastry Chef, who stumbled into his career when life gave him lemons. Not only did Chef Cupid make lemonade, but he also made lemon tart, lemon soufflé and lemon pound cake.

Inspired by his mother who was a caterer, Chef Cupid dedicated himself to perfecting his craft in pastry making, food styling and food photography. In 2016 Chef Cupid became an Instructor at Red Dish Chronicles Lagos. He teaches French Pastry & Baking classes and has taught hundreds of students. A true reflection of winning against the odds. Winner of Bailey’s Bake Fest 2, his passion is fueled by wanting to be the best and staying the best. You will most likely have come across his work as he shoots commercials for various food brands.

Chef Cupid frequently shares hacks, tips and tricks on food styling and food photography on his Instagram page. His dedication to his craft is second to none.

This is why we love Nelson Michael.