The Kitchen in every home is the centre of the universe. This important room is the heart of the home, the wonderland of food, the creation of yummy goodness, and a happy place. Modern or old fashioned, small or big, filled with gadgets or basic utensils; this is where the magic happens. 

We may not all get to cook in a five-star kitchen. However, you can come close to having a five-star experience from discovering the hidden talents of kitchen tools. It’s surprising to know how much more can be done with some tools. And surprising to know how much money could be saved from not having to buy gadgets that will give the same results. 

We’ll be looking at a number of kitchen tools, and today’s focus is on Kitchen Shears.  

Photo by Raphiell Alfaridzy on Unsplash

Kitchen shears are one of the most important and yet underutilized tools in the kitchen. It can be used to cut, trim, chop and debone but did you know it can be used to open and crack? Yes, it’s true, we’re not referring to the obvious. Kitchen Shears can be used to open the crown of the bottle (bottle caps) and to crack or smash open nuts. 

The serrated edge which is a toothed blade, found on the inside of the shears serve as a bottle opener and nutcracker. Place the bottle in between the tooth blade of the sheers, close in, hold the bottle and lift. For nuts, place them in between the metal teeth, close in, and crack open. Great to know there is an opener and an alternative to getting your hands messy or sore when trying to open walnuts.

Try it out and let us know how it goes.