The second wave of the Coronavirus is upon us and it is spreading faster than ever. In Lagos alone, almost 1000 new cases have been recorded daily since the start of the year. 

Now more than ever, you’ll need to be proactive, take precaution, and strengthen your immune system. The goal is to fill your body with vitamins and nutrient-rich smoothies to help it function at its best. Beyond trying out the recipe, and including it in your daily routine, you’ll also need to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Water moves nutrients around within your body and helps your cells to replenish. 

Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

When it comes to giving your immune system a boost, there are three main vitamins that will do just that;

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a battle-axe when it comes to fighting illness. This is why you’ll find the supplements go as high as 10,000mg. It’s arguably the best immune-boosting vitamin and during these times, it’s important to have a daily dose. Foods rich in Vitamin C are pineapple, watermelon, oranges, guava, spinach, lemon, papaya, mango, kale, kiwi, turmeric, yellow bell peppers, chilli pepper, and strawberries. Believe it or not, watermelon has the highest amount of Vitamin C. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps the biochemical reactions in the immune system. To break it down, what it basically does, is help your body to store energy from carbohydrates and protein in foods. It also helps the body form haemoglobin which is the substance in red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body. Foods rich in Vitamin B6 are bananas, soya beans, oats, spinach, peanuts (groundnuts), milk, and watermelon. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is so good for your body. It’s more than a beauty secret. Full of antioxidants, it helps your body to fight off infections. Foods rich in Vitamin E are almonds, avocado, mango, leafy greens, red bell pepper, sunflower oil, peanut butter, pumpkin and asparagus. 

See the recipes below.

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Depending on the strength of your blender, you’re better off starting with the roots first (ginger and turmeric), with a bit of water and blend till smooth. Then and the rest of the ingredients and blend. It’s good to note that frozen fruits give you a really creamy consistency, especially frozen bananas.