Nigerian food content creator, recipe developer, author, entrepreneur, and food stylist Tosin Samuel — is back with an interesting food vlog to help you spice up your diet. In today’s video, Tosin who is popularly known by her brand name — TSpices Kitchen — shows us how to make her favourite Nigerian soup — Ẹ̀fọ́ Rírò. 

Ẹ̀fọ́ Rírò is a cuisine of the Yoruba-speaking people of western Nigeria which got its name from its dominant ingredient  (green leafy vegetables) and the several stirring required for its preparation. It is one of the most popular and most loved meals of the Yorubas often taken with swallows like pounded yam, Ẹ̀bà and Àmàlà but can also be enjoyed with other carbohydrate meals like Rice. Ẹ̀fọ́ Rírò is indeed very tasty and flavourful. It also offers several health benefits.

Hit the ▶ button below to watch and let us know how much you love it when you prepare yours:


2 bunches of Green African Spinach Vegetables

Pepper mix, see combination below:

3-4 Scotch Bonnet (Atarodo)
6-7 Cayenne Pepper (Shombo)
1-2 Red bell pepper (Tatase)
1-2 Tomatoes (optional)
1 medium size Onions

Fry the pepper mix with

1 cup Palm Oil
1 medium size red onions
1 tablespoon Locust beans (Iru)

Assorted meats of your choice (Shaki, pomo, Beef etc)

Dried stockfish

Smoked cat fish

Powdered crayfish

2 Knorr chicken cubes or any bullion cubes of your choosing.

1 Cup Stock/ water

*Pls feel free to Adjust the ingredients to your preference.

Credit: @tspices_kitchen