The cheese. The crust. The toppings. This glorious trinity makes Pizza, one amazing meal that satisfies all cravings. It’s versatile with a huge range of palate-pleasing styles and toppings. Whether it’s cold or hot, sold by the slice or in a box, good pizza is delicious pizza. And every pizza-lover knows that pizza carbs don’t count. Amen? Amen!

Photo by Fatima Akram on Unsplash

It’s officially Pizza Week from the 20th to the 30th of May, 2021 in Lagos and Abuja with select restaurants offering “buy one get one free” deals. With so many options to choose from, now is your chance to explore the endless varieties. However, it’s important to know the holy grail of good pizza as not every pizza is worthy of your hard-earned money. Here are three elements that make a great pizza.

The Crust

Thin crust, flatbread crust, thick crust or pan crust is the foundation and the most important part of the dish. The crust partially dictates the taste, texture, thickness, and topping selection. Good pizza dough is flavourful and not tasteless. It will absorb the sauce and flavours from the toppings without being soggy, too moist or dry.

The Sauce

The tomato sauce is the second most important ingredient. I’ve had pizza that had a salty tomato sauce and it was awful. The flavour of the tomato sauce should not overpower the taste of cheese and all other toppings. The key is moderation and spreading a thin layer that just covers the dough.

The Toppings

Think fresh, think colours. All toppings should be fresh and balance each other. You can never go wrong with more than enough cheese in my book. Three toppings per pizza is the perfect mix but feel free to explore as long as they are top quality.

Wishing you a great pizza adventure during Pizza Week.