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British-Nigerian actor and producer David Oyelowo is the cover star of Square Mile Magazine‘s latest issue.

In the issue, he talks about his recently released film The Water Man, the importance of representation on the big screen and much more.

For the feature, David was styled by Evan Simonitsch, the star donned a yellow micro-corduroy suit by DZOJCHEN over a white polo shirt by Brunello Cucinelli and completed the look with black shoes. He is also rocking sunglasses and a well-groomed haircut with a clean shave that gives a clean, youthful, and vibrant look that complements the aesthetics of the cover.


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On being Yoruba Saxon 

I’m from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, from Western Nigeria. My mum was Igbo and my dad, Yoruba but being from a traditional Nigerian family, you inherit your father’s tribes. So theoretically I’m Yoruba, even though I’m both in all reality. My wife is Anglo-Saxon so that’s where the name Yoruba Saxon comes from.

Philosophically, what we want to do with our films is to exhibit how cultures, though beautiful in their specificity, there is a commonality in all of humanity. We’re trying to bring people together with the projects we do, by showing and celebrating the specificity of different cultures, but showing how there is overlap as well.

On the family values represented in ”The Water Man” Film

But that’s my life. I was raised in a home like that, I like to think I’m raising my kids in a home like that. It’s not unusual for me, but it’s unusual on screen. And so the answer to your question is, yes, that’s something I want in my work, but only because that’s my reality. That’s my truth.

I grew up loving films like E.T. and The Goonies and Gremlins. I loved the values that were often espoused in those films, whether it be friendship or fighting for your family, or just the joy of adventure, seeing kids be free, but I very rarely got to see myself represented in those films.

And so I’m trying to create a different world for my children, for your children, in terms of that being normalised. That they get to see themselves in the context of not just race but love and family.

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Photography: @austinhargrave

Styling: Evan Simonitsch

Grooming: @vondakayemor

Suits: @dzojchen

Shoes: @esquivelshoes

Shirt: @brunellocucinelli_brand