Are millennials truly just a sensitive “likes-obsessed” generation that fritters money away on too many perfect Cappuccinos?

Over the past year, our Millennial Designer Series has cast itself as a beacon for the hardworking and distinctive fashion designers in Africa that cater to the distinctive millennial generation. It is a bi-monthly series that spotlights the young creatives disrupting the African Fashion industry with innovative, out-of-the-ordinary design skills that shatter traditional stereotypes.

This generation is particularly interested in the progress of women and what better way to round up BNS Women’s Month than with a dedicated feature for all the peculiar women we have interviewed so far.

Women like Hafash Mohammed, Bisola Adeniyi, Laurinda and Fatuma have proven they are much more than pretty faces, they are incredibly skilled at what they do and connect in a special way with their generation.

Keep scrolling to read up on the talented women we have featured so far on The Millennial Designer series.

The Designer Behind all Your Favourite #BossChic Outfits – Bisola Adeniyi

The ideal Lady Biba woman is every woman striving to be the best version of herself daily! That woman will always and definitely be a force to be reckoned with

Read her full interview HERE

Hafsah Mohammed – The Designer Redefining Modest Fashion

I wanted to design for girls like myself. Young ladies that love fashion and want to be modest at the same time. A lot of brands out there don’t design for modest women and I wanted to change that. I wanted to give modest women everyday trend and fashion in covered clothes.

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Destiny Nwadire: The 19-Year-Old Behind DNA by Iconic Invanity

My mission is to empower and inspire young girls and young women through the clothing I design

Read her full interview HERE

Sisters Laurinda & Fatuma Telling An Angolan Fashion Story In Australia

Our label draws heavily on our ferocious appetite for individuality, boldness, self-expression, and comfort. The result has been the creation of a line that will suit the woman who wants to be herself.

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The Designer Behind The Chicest Millennial Brand – Motunrayo Agusto

Other than being creative, to be successful in fashion, you need to be extremely hardworking, tenacious, resilient and a good multitasker.

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The Sivada Sisters Making A Case For Curvy Fashion in South Africa

The VADA woman is a woman of power and greatness. She values her worth from the inside out and knows that she is the mistress of her destiny. “She is clothed in dignity and laughs without fear of the future”

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Denike Adegboye Is The IT Girl Behind The IT Brand Taking Over

I can literally get inspired by anything as long as it exists. My Autumn/Winter18 collection was inspired by a sandstone formation.

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