This year will see the fifth edition of the annual celebration of African men’s and womenswear at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. The event has over the years successfully built a platform for designers in Africa to showcase exquisite and creative pieces depicting African heritage and culture through fashion.

The 2018 theme “African Heritage Arise” is intended to show contemporary and versatile pieces that tell a story of the heritage and pride that comes with being African.

AFWN’s main objective is to create an enabling platform across the globe where creative African designers and fashion entrepreneurs can showcase the beauty and creativity of Africa through their designs and costumes, this year’s fashion week will also look to celebrate young African entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of fashion by using it to make bold statements and create more versatility in their designs and brands.

The organisers of the prestigious event are alling on talented and creative designers from various African countries to showcase their exquisite pieces on the runway. AFWN 2018 is also opening its doors to models from all over Africa.

We eagerly await the announcement of the dates!