Kehinde Smith is a beauty entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of My Extensions and My Lash Extensions. She’s been in the beauty industry for over 6 years and just recently became a beauty influencer with over 84k followers on her Instagram account, @kehinde_smith. Kehinde also told us;

I just recently became a beauty influencer which is helping me promote my business and opening more doors for me. I’m currently in the process of starting my new skin care line and other projects and I’m super excited about that.

Kehinde travelled to Marrakesh with a group of girlfriends and today, we’re highlighting her personal travel style for her trip to Morocco. See our interview with her below.

Why do you love travelling?

Traveling feels like a breath of fresh air for me, I love being exposed to different cultures and meeting new people, experiencing things that aren’t considered normal to me when I travel is something I truly value, it’s like living another life. It’s a beautiful thing to know that there are so many interesting things do and learn about the world that we’ve never even seen or heard of before. That’s one of the few reasons why I love travelling.

Why did you pick Marrakesh?

Honestly, I never really knew Marrakesh was as beautiful as it was when I went there, I have to say other bloggers and beauty influencers that have visited Marrakesh pretty much just sold me going to Morocco alone. I was so amazed at the photos I saw online, on Instagram. So my friend (Dodos) told me that her friend (Fey) was organizing a trip to Marrakesh and from then I just decided to jump on the bandwagon. The name of the travel company is called FNP Travel, so that’s how I decided to go to Marrakesh.

Describe your airport style

I love wearing all black or neutral colours and when I’m travelling I like to pretty much wear anything with black in it. Ideally, I would actually wear all white or all black but my mum is just not a fan of black, so I like to pretty much just mix up my colours with grey, brown… Something around the neutral tone. I have to have my loose jogging pants, oversized t-shirts or maybe even just a wife beater or a tank top. I try to make sure I’m very comfortable when I’m travelling especially being on a plane because I’m kinda claustrophobic – and I don’t wear makeup. I just like to carry my bag and feel fresh clean and very light.

Lagos Girl with Moroccan Style

Tourist Vibes or Blend with the Locals?

When I travel to different countries I like to pretty much blend in with the culture and dreamlike the locals. I purposely packed dresses that would fit with the Moroccan vibes and some of the clothes that I did have I had to sew them last minute because I just don’t see myself wearing jeans and a T-shirt in Morocco. The purpose of me going to Morocco was to learn about the culture, blend in and come back with a fashionable style from Morocco, I went there with vibes.