Through this limited BellaNaija Style With A Story series, we intend to spotlight and celebrate too, the not-so-glamorous reality, stories, and experiences of our favourite style stars.

Luxury menswear fashion designer – Evans Akere of the Vanskere brand just shared some helpful business nuggets on the lessons he has learnt through out his career.


According to Evans;

The early stages in business are the most difficult periods, but also the most educative, that’s when we learn our most valuable lessons. My business is still expanding so I’ll like to share a few of the lessons I’ve learned so far and helped sustain the brand. I hope it will be helpful to someone out there.

1. Never raise your voice at your clients. I know it’s easier said than done, most especially when confronted with a difficult client, but try not to, no matter the circumstance

2. Don’t be complacent, but rather be innovative, flexible, try new ideas, do things differently.

3. Listen to your clients always, you’ll learn from them and become a better service provider.

4. Discover yourself, know your strength and weakness, capitalize on your strength and improve your area of weakness

5. A customer is always right. I know you are tired of hearing that, me too, but it’s true. Remember, everybody around you takes money from you, but only your customer gives you money. Without money, your business will fold up, so without your customers, your business is doomed.

6. Improve yourself, learn a new trick, take a course somewhere, it helps a lot.

7. Be humble. Don’t get carried away by the accolades and hype, getting to the top is easy, staying on top is most difficult- so they say though, as I haven’t got to the top yet, so I’m waiting to find that out.

8. You’ll make mistakes, but don’t let them distract you, continue to believe in yourself and your ability. There will be bad days at the office, it doesn’t mean you’re not good, so don’t quit, it happens to everyone, it’s just a reminder that you are not perfect.

9. Last but not least, there are no absolutely loyal clients. Don’t be deluded, the moment a customer finds a better and/or cheaper service provider, they will choose that. So it’s up to you to retain them.