Ameera Abraham is a Beautypreneur – CEO and Spa Director of both the Nail Bar Abuja and Amali Cosmetics a premium professional nailcare brand, Executive Chair (Nigeria) for the Spa and Wellness Association of Africa and an activist for women and children’s rights, as well as a philanthropist—to the average person it may seem like Ameera has superpowers. How on earth does  she manage to do all of these things while still looking as incredible as she does? And with a serenity and grace well beyond her years.

The petite beauty is  known for her polished, classic style, no-nonsense approach to all things beauty and lifestyle and a rapier-sharp wit to boot. Do we have a teeny-weeny girl crush? Probably.

We sat down with Abraham for a quick chat prior to the launch of her new site and asked her all our burning beauty questions—including the products you’ll always find in her bag, how she keeps her hair looking so amazing (even in the arid Abuja climate!), and her beauty and red carpet fashion icons.

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Beauty Icon

I absolutely love Angela Bassett! She’s a timeless beauty and has the silkiest skin ever. It’s always so effortless for her.

Ameera Abraham’s Makeup Must Have’s

My make up bag is incomplete without my YSL mascara, NARS foundation and Elemis lip balm. Take everything else away and I can work some magic with these three!

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Basic Beauty Regimen

I’m a serial groomer…I can’t do without threading my brows, my signature manicure and of course silky smooth skin…exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

3 Top Beauty Tips

1. Healthy skin is always in so invest in quality skincare that is suited for your skin type.

2. Wear SPF! Your skin will thank you for it now & many years down the line.

3. Your hands do so much work, groom & pamper them. It’s the first tell tale sign of your age. Oh and moisturise your cuticles!

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Your Go To Hair Pros

My glam squad – Joseph (Joseph Mesrob Salon) gives great blow dries, Fati ( Mamza Beauty) totally gets my face & my love for barely there make up, and my nails are always sorted by my team at The Nail Bar.

Must Have Hair Products:

I only just discovered the wonderful benefits of bentonite clay & apple cider vinegar on my hair so that’s my current DIY must have.

My everyday product would be my KeraCare Leave- In conditioner & Argan Oil. I mix the two together and my hair is soft, sleek and good to go for the day.

Oh and a wide toothed comb. I can’t remember the last time I experienced breakage or shedding…the comb matters!

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Most Annoying Wellness Fad

I think crash diets get to me the most. Why shock your system to achieve a desired goal only to regress or dump it for the next “best diet”? Wellness is a lifestyle. I think choosing to  eat clean and do regular exercise is a more sustainable approach to achieving all round great results in your weight, skin and general  well being.

Ameera Abraham’s Skincare Routine

My everyday routine includes, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and SPF50.My go to daily exfoliant is Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant. It’s my glow in a bottle. I get facials once a month and the occasional chemical peel because my skin type requires a lot of maintenance.

And more importantly I drink WATER. Flushing out all the toxins in your body is a great way to start your healthy skincare journey. It’s one of the most basic solutions to many skin problems.

Work Out:

Yoga! I love how zen it is, it’s a work out for my mind, my emotions and the body confidence it’s given me is the bonus.

Red Carpet Icon

I’m all for understated elegance and glamour! It really shouldn’t be any other way. Blake Lively is my red carpet soulmate, she nails it every single time!

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