On “The Cover” of Accelerate TV‘s September 2021 issue, top screen star Erica Nlewedim shines.

In her exclusive interview, the actress opens up about her aspirations, driven desire for success, and the pressure she has faced while pursuing her goals.

For the cover, the style star looks amazing in a black velvet glitter number. Her long wavy hair, bold lashes and soft glam makeup work perfectly for the aesthetics of the cover.


Read excerpts from the interview below:

On what she wants people to focus on the most concerning her career and her talent:

My acting. I’m an actress first, before everything else and not necessarily only a reality star. Prior to my time on BBN, I had acted for a number of years and had already begun my career. I will always be an actress…I will be one for the rest of my life.

On the pressure to achieve her goals and how she deals with not meeting up:

Definitely. I’ve learned to slow down to count my blessings. That’s something I try and spend more time doing. I also compare myself to myself. I look at where I am now versus where I was six months ago. The me of today is different from the me of last year. And knowing that I am not stagnant helps me manage the expectations I have put on myself.

On what other industry she wants to explore or become more involved in and why:

Beauty. Definitely. A lot of people want to look good and feel good and I think I am the expert on that.

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Watch her interview below:



Publication: @accelerate_tv

Photography: @xmagepictures

Cover Star: @ericanlewedim