On days when you don’t want full or soft glam makeup but still want to look fresh and put together, a no-makeup makeup look is always the next best thing.  

Beauty enthusiast Eni Popoola recently shared a reel where she gives a run-through on how she achieves a no-makeup makeup look with just five products. Check out the video below if you want to achieve this effortless look.

She wrote in her caption:

A true beginner-friendly no-makeup look. Let’s be honest sometimes people say no-makeup makeup when it’s definitely giving light makeup or everyday makeup. But this look still has my hyperpigmentation showing which I don’t mind because it still looks natural.

And before you ask: no, I do not use powder for this. Sometimes I just gotta embrace my natural oils and adding powder can take away from a true skin-like appearance. Because let’s be honest if I were actually wearing no makeup, I’d still have to deal with the oil of my skin. But I did this look the other day with no powder and it lasted just fine on a moderately warm day. I think I found my true go-to makeup routine for summer!