ENEYI, a multicultural fashion & lifestyle brand that fuses African heritage with contemporary styles unveils her debut collection titled “OCHANYA” which means “Queen” among the Idoma people of Benue.

The collection features breezy, comfortable, and timeless pieces crafted in Adire prints, also known as tie-dye.

The OCHANYA collection is inspired by comfort, ease, and prestige. Each piece from the collection says elegant, effortless, and queenly without needing much fanfare.

A queen doesn’t need to be stressed when getting dressed. She is comfortable in her skin and by extension, her outfit, and she is perfect without going overboard. Yes, she is comfortable in her outfit and skin without dialling down her elegance.

Victoria Scribner, creative director.

See below:



Brand: @e.n.e.y.i

Photo: @hspimages

Models: @maryjaneohobu  @elemdeeo @docas_ Joseph @victoria_scribner

Makeup: @maryjaneohobu

Hair: @se7enrawhair

Creative Director: @victoria_scribner