The Creative DNA 2.0 programme has selected 20 Kenya based early-stage fashion and accessory enterprises to benefit from the programme’s business incubation support. The 20 designers were selected from a highly competitive pool of 100 creative fashion designers from across the country.

The Creative DNA programme was created in 2020 to provide business skill development, strengthen networks in Kenya and in the UK and offer action-based learning through digital coaching sessions, co-created online campaigns, and market opportunities.
It is focused on promoting alternative and innovative approaches to the global fashion system with the ambition of demonstrating that the fashion sector in Kenya is a professional choice for young people and a valuable contributor to the creative economy.

Out of the 20 selected designers, 12 are female and eight are male, from diverse geographical locations from Nairobi all the way up to Kakuma Refugee camp. Kindly scroll below for more information on each designer.

1V1 Garments


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1V1 Garments is a clothing line start-up aiming to cater to everyone by retailing unique clothing products while offering
personal customization services to clients. The brand deals with both men’s and women’s merchandise produced and designed from materials that are eco-friendly. 1V1 Garments focuses on the colours, styles and fits as well as custom designs to complement the specific needs of their clients.




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BOGUK is a design perspective embodying Kenyan culture, creativity, fun and craftsmanship, and a young label based in Kibera; its centre of inspiration, ideas and arts. BOGUK works with local tailors and craftsmen to produce high-quality items, create job opportunities and use the resources of their unique environment
to facilitate the business. The brand designs for personality, bringing out carefully crafted, creative, fun, functional and chic silhouettes to enjoy in everyday life and for special moments alike. BOGUK’s range includes: BOGUK Accessories, BOGUK Urban
(Ready to Wear) and BOGUK Made to Measure (Business and Style) lines.


Tiger Tail Twister

Tiger Tail Twister creates ethically handcrafted, bespoke jewellery inspired by African design and culture. Tiger Tail Twister pieces are mostly modelled from traditional historic motifs derived from everyday household items, spiritual symbols and items. of adornment recreated in a modern style.
Vicki Maimba, the founder, is a multi-faceted artist with a fascination for culture, nature and how it all connects to the decisions designers make.


Iliki Resort Wear

Iliki is a resort wear brand, intentionally creating timeless and limited resort wear pieces for the modern-day woman. The
the brand focuses a great deal on style versatility while honouring the spirit of slow fashion.
All its creations are inspired by the Swahili cultural and architectural designs, the Kenyan safari experience and our desire to
push our creative potential to an exciting place. Iliki Resort Wear is located in Nairobi, Kenya and delivers the Iliki experience to women all over the world.


Mariam Couture


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Mariam Couture, founded in July 2019, is a sustainable fashion brand that employs and empowers both men and women. The brand is deeply devoted to quality and equality – both in the products and the quality of life it aims to provide.
Mariam Couture invests in, trains, and educates employees and pays decent wages, benefiting their livelihoods and creating a comfortable working environment at their workshop that runs on renewable energy. The brand helps conscious consumers feel uplifted in high-quality, limited-edition designs that help support the livelihood of local artisans.




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Luxaltra was started in 2018, with a focus on premium fashion designs and exemplary craftsmanship. Luxaltra’s designs incorporate understated elegance and modern function which aims to transcend seasonal and runway trends. The Luxaltra team puts fair working conditions as one of their highest priorities, empowering artisans to rise out of poverty and support themselves and their communities. Luxaltra donates a minimum of 10% of its revenue to support local projects in Kenya focusing on education and women empowerment.


Nairobi Apparel District


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Founded by Junior Orina, an artist, designer, and creative director, Nairobi Apparel District is a Kenyan streetwear brand, fuelled by the need for environmental action inclusion in fashion, to combat hazardous waste created by the fast fashion industry. Nairobi Apparel District strives to upcycle, recycle and use sustainable fabrics for its designs. The designs can be ready-made and also customised.

Vazi Maridadi

Vazi Maridadi is a versatile brand that designs custom made outfits for different occasions, for all genders and
sizes. Its purpose is to take the clients’ style a step further by providing real-time feedback and satisfying their needs. Vazi Maridadi was founded by Venesa Julia, a self-made tailor, stylist, designer, fashion content creator and
part-time model. Her work ranges from beadwork to shoemaking and crocheting.


Muni Designs

Muni Designs is a fashion platform launched in 2020 as an e-commerce store of beauty and change for everyone who dares to
explore their fashionable capabilities. At its core is love for and protection of nature. Muni Designs uniquely incorporates aesthetic pleasure into the brand, while also embracing the culture and striving to make clients look and feel good.


Peni Mbili


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Peni Mbili is a design studio whose goal is to create a vivid understanding of being young in this particular time and place, by creating a conceptual space at the intersection of fashion, digital art and technology. Peni Mbili was founded by Anthony and Muthama Muisyo, a multifaceted artistic and entrepreneurial duo who find delight in the intricacies of the creative process.




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TUG is an androgynous fashion brand that started in 2019 with the aim of bringing inclusivity, diversity and creativity to the local fashion scene. TUG prides itself in its wide array of products and services which include Ready-To-Wear, accessories and Made-To-Measure services. TUG’s comprehensive product range continues to grow through research and development initiatives, coupled with founder Collins Karanja’s great wealth of knowledge and skills gained through working in the fashion industry for over 10 years.

Wangari Mathenge

Wangari Mathenge is a Kenyan brand that evokes and advocates a free spirit clientele who dress to please no one but themselves. The brand experiments with quirk cuts, playing with volume to deconstruct and transform garments into a Wangari Mathenge
craft. Wangari Mathenge specialises in making contemporary African ponchos, Kaftans and Kimonos.


At Odds


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At Odds is a Kenyan fashion brand aiming to grow into a global African Fashion House, with a broad range of items including leather goods, footwear, smart wear and eyewear. At Odds strives to create a space to indulge fashion differences and stand out from the masses. At Odds focuses on delivering items that consist of sophisticated cuts and quality fabrics. The brand aims to elevate those who choose to stand out in their dressing through clothing that is distinct and practical. At Odds staple pieces, a series of jackets has been defined as “functional, colourful, unmistakable and androgynous”.


Olisa Kenya


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Olisa Kenya is a knitwear design label that articulates and celebrates African contemporary culture and lifestyle through timeless, fun, statement pieces. The brand offers unrivalled creative expression and excellent craftsmanship while giving a fresh take on what an everyday, uncomplicated wardrobe can be.


Sianna Textile Prints

SIANNA is a textile design brand founded by Tarsianna Nkuranga. SIANNA was originally born in Kigali, Rwanda but grew as a brand in Nairobi, Kenya. SIANNA designs prints on textiles to produce several merchandises. The prints are all inspired by the cultures and traditions experienced in African Countries. They each have a story to tell.


Diro Jewellers and Enterprises


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DIRO is a Kibera-based Kenyan fashion brand that is producing Afro-contemporary designs made from a selection of curated and locally available materials such as brass, horns and bones. 75% of the brand’s processes are women-owned, in line with the
brand’s goal to reduce gender inequality. DIRO has exported products on a small scale to several countries including the USA, Switzerland, Holland, Botswana, Dubai, and The UK. The brand has notably won the Best Costume/Wardrobe for the short film ‘Wakamba Forever‘ in the 2018 Machakos Film Festival Awards.


Nikech Amor

Nikech Amor is a fashion brand created in 2014, with inspiration drawn from the founder’s love for working with kitenge and
uzi (thread) in her designs. Nikech Amor (“happy”) nods to the founder’s huge focus on emotions in fashion expressions. Nikech Amor prides itself in highlighting the role which emotions play in fashion through both the designers’ eyes and through the process of creation, fabric, colour, texture and design and in the process create emotional well-being using fashion as a voice; #fashionismyvoice.



Kolakisa is a fashion brand specialising in designing both men’s and womenswear, using kitenge and cotton to produce tailor-made quality clothes for a variety of clientele. Kolakisa works with local tailors, giving back to the community by training vulnerable refugees and high school drop-outs who use the skills to attain financial independence.


Oqkra & Bour

Oqkra & Bour (Soul & Stone) is a Kenyan handmade afro-modern luxury jewellery company that uses mosaic tile glass,
olive wood and local and ethically mined gemstones to create eccentric pieces of wearable art. The brand values diversity and sustainability and uses metals such as fine silver to create timeless pieces. The designs are inspired by architecture and modern African culture which celebrates local artisanry that is passed down through apprenticeship. We are a global brand in the making.




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Metamorphisized is a Nairobi based streetwear brand that aims to emulate the cumulative aspects of one’s personal
wardrobe, by pairing precise tailoring with an unwavering devotion to simplicity. Each collection newly introduces styles integrated alongside recurring staple pieces, embracing the Kenyan culture with relatable elements in each piece.
The result is an ideal genderless wardrobe in the making, striking a balance between everyday essentials and streetwise
elegance. From Nairobi to the world!