Bias in African Fashion (BAF) is looking to drive the conversation on how we can ensure Africa’s fashion industry is fair and accessible to all. They seek to first identify and then determine how we can address areas of prejudice and bias in the industry.

Their PERMUTE series engages fashion industry players globally and in Africa in conversation to understand how Africa can build a strong and inclusive fashion sector.

Watch this episode with Eji Benson. Eji Benson is a fashion professional, creative entrepreneur and manufacturer based in NYC. With almost two decades of experience in the fashion industry, he has worked in manufacturing, licensing and has several design companies under his leadership.

He is the Founder and CEO of  @ennuinewyork, founder and creative director at @ennuihome, creative director @cityjunknyc and @finisheractive and partner @fashionlabafrica and a member of the Advisory Board at The Narrative.

In this episode, he discusses his work in the fashion industry – including plans to help further Africa’s place in the global fashion sector.

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Share your stories with them about prejudice you have experienced while working in fashion or your thoughts on how to build a sector that is accessible to all-