Heineken Lagos Fashion Week returns this year for a new fashion season! From 22nd to 24th April the platform will host ‘Woven Threads II: Moving in Circles’ in partnership with Fashion Revolution. The hybrid showcase is inspired by traditional craft and the need to adopt a more responsible approach to producing fashion on the continent.

COVID-19 exposed the inadequacies of the traditional linear economy that requires a continuous flow of resources, often sourced from far away areas of the globe, which in the long run, depletes natural resources and creates large amounts of waste. In addition, when a major disruption like the pandemic, which we are all living through, occurs this linear model collapses, with local businesses lacking the resilience to recover. It is for this reason, a lot of emphasis is being placed on adopting a local circular economy that aims at every level to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

The global fashion industry has long been criticized for being the main driver of consumption and waste, as such, this is a critical conversation in designing the future of the African manufacturing industry. How do we build circular value cycles, focused on social and economic growth models that are efficient, better balanced, sustainable and more local which have proven to be more resilient and efficient to address the needs of the population and fasten the recovery of businesses?

Continuing on this narrative established in its inaugural edition, ‘Woven Threads II: Moving in Circles’ will again focus on highlighting the drive towards a circular fashion economy in Africa by spotlighting designers that demonstrate innovative sustainable practices that consider community, pollution and waste. Woven Threads will feature the work of designers working to close the product life-cycle with an emphasis on waste and recycling. Featuring designers include: Awa Meite, Bloke, Chiip O Neal, Emmy Kasbit, IAMISIGO, Nkwo, Pepperrow, This Is Us, amongst others.


Heineken Lagos Fashion Week will be leveraging technology to speak to the future of sustainable fashion in Africa with Video Presentations, Live Studio Tours and Fashion Business Series (FBS) which will lead digital panel sessions.

Find more information on @lagosfashionweekofficial and www.lagosfashionweek.ng