United through sugar art and creativity, these exceptional female cake artists came together with a powerful message to celebrate International Women’s Day, spotlighting the diverse talents and contributions of these top bakers while advocating for greater inclusion in the field of baking.

Their passion for their craft not only inspires us with their stunning creations but also embodies the spirit of inclusion and unity. As we honour their talent and dedication, let’s remember that every woman has the power to make a difference and bring people together.

Join us in celebrating these incredible artists and the incredible impact they create.

The Create Company


The Cake Artists: @thecreatecompanyng, @pomelocakes, @honeyfrosting, @mehilas_bake, @cdf_desserts, @bakeandbrewng, @savorbysaida, @tlcakeboulevard, and @daintyaffairs

Idea Concept and Creative Direction: @thecreatecakecompanyng

Videography: @purple_r.productions

Location: @thecreatecompanyng Studio Kitchen

BTS & Planning: @bomaiagency