Hi BellaStylistas! It’s Isoken and every month, I’ll be sharing a short letter spotlighting our monthly theme from my personal perspective and giving you an idea of some of the amazing content we have planned. For November, our theme is #SkinDeep.

Editor-At-Large Isoken Ogiemwonyi introduces the BellaNaija Style’s #SkinDeep theme for November.

Welcome to November!

BellaNaija Style strives to always bring the best, and this #SkinDeep Issue is no different,  we are indulging two of our favourite topics over at BNS HQ; beauty and mental health. Skincare as self care is an idea that has gained cultural force in the last couple of years and we will be dissecting everything that it entails. 

Audre Lord once said – “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” The basic premise of self-care is that it is not selfish to take the time to take care of oneself, and is in fact necessary for your strength and well-being. And what’s more caring than looking after the largest organ on your body?

However it hasn’t always been this way, and as skincare becomes more and more equated with self care, or at least a form of it – and is part of the cultural zeitgeist forming as a rebellion against the hustle / anti sleep movements, we see more women turning to beauty as a way to enjoy, something that’s inherently intimate and results driven.

Beauty consumers are branching out, where once the cleanse, tone, moisturise routine reigned supreme, Gen Z and millennial women are becoming more invested in skincare and beauty routines, educating themselves on active ingredients that target specific skin issues that matter to them. 

While cynics are quick to point out that complex skincare routines = more products = more money spent.  This can be a valid point – but we do not police what women enjoy, and for BellaStylistas who are dissatisfied with elaborate routines with ten steps or more, or are in the process of drastically reducing their routines; we have a solution! Simple, straightforward rituals and products for the minimalist beauty girl.

In our Skincare Series we  learn about beauty essentials and personal care rituals from some of our faves. We offer a roadmap to the best beauty tools and supplements for your skin health. Learn how your faves deal with skin flare-ups, and get our guide to the best spots to get fragrance in Lagos. We also feature fascinating conversations with top dermatologists and aestheticians on their professional opinions on what we should be looking out for in skincare.

And its not just about skincare – we explore what women are investing in this year from cult brands like Drunk Elephant to African owned brands like Arami Essentials and Olori Cosmetics; and we delve deeper into what beauty trends are set to be big in the next season, speaking to top hairstylists like Dupe Talabi of Tasala HQ and Ceezys Styling (of the infamous #CSPony)

I hope you enjoy the issue!

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Have a great month!