Dodos Uvieghara is spilling ALL the beauty tea and we are so here for it! As you already know, we are huge fans of Dodos and her incredible skin and now she has finally shared her skincare routine.

She said:

Here is my updated skincare routine (finally)! I’ve also been following the Korean skincare steps and it has done wonders! AND I share my secrets on how I maintained clear & smooth skin! 

I hope you enjoyed this skincare routine where I show you how I’ve maintained clear and smooth skin using my favourite products. I’ve also managed to improve my skin texture and dryness in my skin. I found that not enough people talk about dry skin and how to avoid flaky skin.

P.S. This is my morning skincare routine and I follow these steps every morning. I know this is a really long skincare routine but think of it as a mini at-home facial every single morning. It’s truly amazing and works!