January is in full swing, and as a fashion girl, you’re undoubtedly looking ahead with a fresh pair of sartorial eyes to trends. Denim will always be a stable part of our ever-changing wardrobes, but what are the denim trends and styles we should be rocking this year?

Behold, it’s time to pave the way for 70’s inspired skirts, boxy jackets and much more. Keep scrolling for the freshest denim styles you have to try this year!


Straight Extra Cuffs

What better way to make a denim statement than with thick cuffs? The exaggerated style, whether made with extra-long hems folded over or appliques in different fabrics, will add a touch of urban-chic to your look.

Frayed Hem Denim


When it comes to denim trends, frayed hem jeans topped the list of most-wanted styles for 2017 and we are taking it with us into 2018. The unfinished hems turn a polished look into one that’s a bit rough around the edges and it’s now everyone’s favourite.

Mom Jeans



The fact that the high-waist and wider bottom fitting of mom jeans can fit most body shapes makes the style keep coming back. You can choose to either show off or hide your waist by pairing them with a cropped or tucked-in top, or a long tunic or t-shirt.

Denim Skirts


Denim skirts are back in style! From the faded minis of the 90’s to 70’s button-down midis, we’re loving all the stylish ways the skirts are making a comeback.

Boxy Denim Jackets


We love to wear denim on top, just as much as on the button and the classic denim jacket is one of the most comfortable and versatile items that one can wear. They are a perfect fit for 2018’s ultra-feminine top t-shirt and dress trends.

What denim style are you excited to try in 2018?