With successful executions of physical and digital shopping experiences, XRetail – a Lagos Fashion Week initiative, returns from September 14 to October 22, 2023.

XRetail promotes access to market opportunities, and commerce as a driving force in supporting and nurturing independent brands in the fashion, beauty, and accessories industries, spanning more than 10 African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Côte d’Ivoire.

This year, XRetail is taking its mission to new heights by partnering with vital retail locations in several African cities renowned for celebrating African design, creativity, and innovation.

Cities such as Abidjan, Accra, Abuja, Cape Town, and, of course, Lagos, are set to be the vibrant stages for XRetail 2023.

From today,  September 14th – 16th,

Discover an exclusive retail experience at Lagos Fashion Week’s XRetail @41Luxe.

Explore a thoughtfully curated collection of African brands at 41Luxe stores in Lagos and Abuja.

For more information, kindly visit www.lagosfashionweek.ng.

About XRetail:

XRetail is a pioneering platform dedicated to promoting and supporting independent brands in the fashion, beauty, and accessories industries across Africa. With a focus on ready-to-wear and high-street fashion, XRetail has provided valuable opportunities for designers and brands to showcase their creativity and connect with a diverse and engaged audience.