You see gorgeous editorials, fresh new content, exciting TV and film shows, but you rarely get to peek behind the curtain where the magic happens. In this new series, we join young, talented creatives in a short fun interview series, learn about their work, how they got their start and what new exciting projects are to come. We spotlight industry creatives, celebrate their wins, and inspire upcoming creatives to seize the day. Every week, we’ll learn from individuals who conquered their doubts and fears and made moves to follow their creative dreams.

Even if you don’t watch SpiceTV religiously, you definitely get a sense of what it’s about – with glamorous hosts like Idia Aisien and glamorous guests like Nicole Chikwe and Denola Grey. There’s fun, industry happenings and stye galore.

Dami Idowu is responsible for those shows.

She  creates style shows that upend the notion that all style content begins and ends with the interminable runway shows, playing over and over on your TV, suited more for background noise than engaged watching. 

And even better, she deftly navigates that ‘mean girls’ territory so easily slipped into in typical fashion related mediums, opting instead for shows like Style 101 rely on clever commentary and  fashion reportage, shows that are relatable yet aspirational with the visuals matching the impeccable look and feel of the show.

This content creator extraordinaire and communications guru, tells us all about her daily life, her backstory and her entrepreneurial venture – A.bout Creatives.

The best part of my job is seeing an idea come to life.

  What’s the Dami Idowu backstory? When did you realise your interest in fashion was leading to a career?

 When I was a little girl, I loved making paper clothes for my paper dolls (made the dolls too). It was a serious matter as I would use sellotape and stapler to make complicated styles. Then I got hooked on Fashion TV, and figured I would be a designer. Of course I still had to go to school and acquire a BSc in a “proper” profession. But my final year in Uni, a friend told me about Lisa Folawiyo and how she was a perfect fit for me for an internship. At Lisa Folawiyo Studio, I realized there was a lot I could do. I was even more curious about fashion and what makes it tick. After a couple of years there, I went to Paris for my Masters in Fashion Business. With a formal qualification secured, I knew without a doubt that I couldn’t do anything that wasn’t related to fashion.

Talk me through your work. What does it entail?

Since my working hours aren’t fixed, I find myself working till the wee hours of a day sometimes. On such days, I wake up later. I am responsible for creating content for marketing and communication purposes for brands; as well TV content for SPICE Fashion TV…plus some other things. I love creating and the best part of my job is seeing an idea come to life.

Something you’ve worked on recently that we should look out for?

I recently created a campaign for LIRS. Working on a Tax campaign was unusual for me and I had to be careful with my research. The campaign came out great, thank God for that. 

Notes for Future Content Creators?

Always have an agreement/contract with people you work with, and leave sentiment out of it. Oh, being organised helps as well.



Dami’s Typical Work Day 

My typical day at work is either filled with research and liaising with clients; prepping content or a campaign takes more time than executing it. Or, I’m at a location (or on set) shooting.


 What do you enjoy about your Spice TV gig?

 I keep learning new things on the job, which I love.

Tell us about your venture, A.bout creatives and some industry pet peeves?

 I started my company* A.bout Creatives in 2013 after working as a Fashion Adviser to a French retail brand. A.bout is a limitless think-tank that provides brands and businesses with the intelligence to creatively and strategically respond to opportunities and challenges, and commercially push their products and services. While working on A.bout, I was offered to produce two fashion shows on SPICE Fashion TV later that year.

People often think that they don’t need to know the rules and they can just swing things [and freestyle]. They tag it as being rebellious, but that’s just ignorance. You have to learn the rules first (formally in a school or informally by interning) before you break them. Now that’s rebellion.

What inspires you on a day to day basis?

I find inspiration in people, places and things. But there is nothing more inspiring than a deadline hahaha.


I find inspiration in people, places and things

Tell us a secret only your friends know about you

That I’ve got jokes. I usually come across as serious, but I have an insane mind and a charming sense of humor. People close to me know this though.

I think I like the idea of teaching and sharing knowledge.

Advice To Your Sixteen Year Old Self:

Be open to learning and garnering knowledge. It never stops.

 Relax. Life isn’t about being perfect.

Tell Us About Your Off Duty Style

My off duty style is all about t-shirts. Loose fit t-shirts.

What You Wear To Feel Glamorous

 My style is a mix of basic and extra. I pair a casual piece with a remarkable piece to get the perfect effortless look. And this makes me feel glamorous. 

Do you enjoy your work? What challenges have you found along the way? Share your story with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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