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Our signature mark is a contemporary twist on a ceremonial and iconic traditional fabric from Senegal called Rabal

Why did you start your line ?

As an Architect who loves fashion and art starting Fulani was a natural transition for me. I wanted to create a brand that targeted African women in particular by catering to their specific needs, style and lifestyle, offering a product to which they can relate to culturally and emotionally.

I felt that there was void at the time I started, it was considered a niche or a trend but I think that there is a demand and a growing market that is here to stay .

Who is your favourite celebrity or influencer to work with? 

¬†I worked in the past and on my new SS18 campaign with Katy Chimere Diaw , she was Miss Senegal in 2010 and she stars in a TV show ” Un Cafe Avec “.

She is the perfect muse for the brand, she’s smart and beautiful inside and out, she’s a working mother and a strong independent woman as well as a philanthropist. Her style is very relatable, chic and elegant in western wear as well as in African clothing. She’s a true Senegalese sweetheart.

On a broader level Lupita Nyong’o would be on top of the list.


How would you describe your label?

I like to define it as “Timeless elegance with a touch of eclectic¬†sensitivity”.

As Africans we have been exposed to other cultures in a way no other has been and our ability to embrace it and make it our own is a force to be reckoned with.

Fulani is a product of mix culture. Our signature mark is a contemporary twist on a ceremonial and iconic traditional fabric from Senegal called Rabal.

We take an ancient pattern and make it fresh and new by designing simple and  fashion forward silhouettes around it.

What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?

We all need a few pieces that can stand the test of time and them you can add more trendy items. Most Fulani handbags have a very classic shape that will never go out of style, bag you can dress up or dress down like the Amy Boston bag and the Safia Satchel, these are staples that make for a great wardrobe because you can wear them for a very long time and there are versatile.

Who is the Fulani Handbags woman?

The Fulani Woman is anything she wants to be. She won’t let anyone define her or put her in a box. She’s an active woman with a great appreciation for fashion and a well made product. Her style is a blend of modern looks and trends with a touch of African flair.

Inspiration comes from so many places, I believe it comes from a series of events and experiences that translates into emotions and creation

Where do you get style inspiration?

I used to say that my work is inspired by my travels and by¬†all the places I’ve been, and where I come¬†from¬†but in reality its more complex then that.¬†Inspiration comes from so many places, I¬†believe¬†it comes from a series of events and experiences that translates into emotions and creation.

Where can we purchase pieces from the brand? 

Fulani products are available online at We have representation in Africa and Europe

Dakar, Senegal:

Romyda Keth showroom

Amitié II villa # 199
Marie Lopez  Tel: 76 565 29 99

online at

Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire:

¬†Aissa¬†¬†Tel: 225 07 98 06 09 or email¬†[email protected]

Pointe Noire, Congo:
Diaryou Barry  Tel: 242 06 505 10 11

France, Paris:
Penda Sow  Tel: 33 6 76 12 07 95

Kenya, Nairobi:
Diana Opoti at the Village Market DAC Store

Need help with your purchase or just have a comment, please feel free to drop me a note 
‚Äč[email protected]¬†
Tel:  201-887-1589


Who: Souadou Barry, Creative Director of Fulani Handbags.

What: Contemporary leather goods.

Where: Shop Fulani Handbags on their website. Follow them on Instagram @fulanihb

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