Menswear brand Chimmy and Co has unveiled its new collection tagged Spirit.

According to the creative director Chimmie Ijezie:

This collection is dedicated to my Spirit, my inner person. I was inspired by the solemn times trying to connect with my spirit, my inner being, and seeking solace from him. In the course of creating this collection, there were times I was down or depressed, and there was really no one to comfort me or talk to other than my inner being, and somehow my inner being, my “Spirit” seemed to be there for me.

The outfits were created to look simple and solemn, while at the same time exploring different African fabrics. Fabrics were sourced from within Nigeria. For this collection, we worked mostly with remnant Asooke and silk from merchants to prevent waste. Other fabrics used include African tribal prints, linen, crepe and cotton.

The collection equally includes a hand-knitted crochet jacket made in collaboration with Floydcardigancolltn. Crocheting is gradually becoming an acceptable fashion art and what better time than now to include in our collection.

The styling of this lookbook is created to reveal a sort of solemn sanctuary, with the smoke from the burning incense in the pot, as seen in most spiritual rituals.

See the full lookbook below

Brand: CHIMMY AND CO @chimmyandco
Creative Direction/ Styling: @_emmanuelgoodnews
Photography: @rotimiore
Models: David Olagunju (@blazejavu ) from Elite Model Look East-West Africa 2019, and Alvan Omoreige (@alvan_lasgidi)
Crochet Jacket in collaboration with Floydcardigancolltn (@Floydcardigancolltn)