Eponymous Nigerian fashion label Nwōsù —  has just released its debut collection tagged “This Is Us”.

According to the brand,

This collection depicts our beauty and unfading strength as Africans. We radiate and always stand out with minimal resources and opportunities despite the obstacles facing us daily. This is us is from a young budding brand that creates hand-crafted luxury signature pieces that represent the brand’s value and ethos like our motto says “there is luxury in Africa”.

The creative director, Ikechukwu Nwosu, said in his press release:

I always imagine myself on the world’s top red carpet events and most times, I ask myself: how would I show up if given an opportunity? I came up with my designs which have the same standard and quality as what I see on these red carpets yet display the beauty of Africa. So, I decided to put together all the looks I intentionally designed for myself into this delectable collection. The title is – “This Is Us”, this is what we do, and could be identified in the multitude.

The collection features a range of signature pieces that could be seen on different red carpets like the Oscars, the Meta Gala, film festivals, Grammys, Emmys, Opera, and more. Fabrics used include denim, sequin, suede, duchess, crepe, and mikado. Keep scrolling to view the entire lookbook:


Photography: @mekkamillz