The fashion industry is growing in leaps and bounds on the continent, and more than ever brands need to navigate an increasingly fraught environment with challenges ranging from COVID-19 and the global retail apocalypse. From hard-hitting panels to conversations with industry disruptors, we’re spilling all the major keys you need to thrive and survive now. Join us for a packed day of panels and keynotes. Get ready to level up!

The Panels

Educate Yourself

There is an increasing number of fashion education options but they tend to address technical deficiencies and there is still a fundamental gap in fashion business education outside of anecdotal experiences and fashion academies by more established designers. In this session, we will explore what the current landscape for fashion education is home and abroad, access to opportunities for emerging brands and what emerging brands should do to future proof their businesses.

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Build The Buzz

What’s the RIGHT way to launch and how exactly do emerging brands get major features in the press? To answer this we tapped Asanda Sizani, a media expert and ex Glamour SA editor, and Toni Blaze the current editor of Wonderland Magazine and PR expert Bukky Karibi Whyte, Founder Robert Taylor Communications to answer all your burning press and publicity questions – get the tried-and-true formulas for getting buzz-worthy press and creating content that resonates (and converts) right now.

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Leverage The Spotlight

Over the last 5 years the way we think, talk about and approach the red carpet has changed significantly. And, certainly, post- COVID-19 and the explosion of the BLM Movement, it’s going to change even more. Some pundits believe that Black & African designers are poised to be represented in a much bigger way than they have been in the past – so how can we leverage the spotlight to build global businesses from the continent? How can stylists, brands and celebrities use fashion and the red-carpet opportunity (from premieres and award shows to press junkets and other promotional appearances) to send a message about Black fashion and Black consumption?

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Go Beyond Borders

Ready for the big leagues? If your business is prepared for international expansion this session is for you. We speak to founders who have built their brands to cater to a global audience from the continent, navigating challenges like logistics and foreign exchange fluctuations. If you’re set on building a global business and reaching beyond your home market, learn how to set and hit major milestones, fund your business and exploit technology to build a creative but highly commercial brand with international appeal.

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The Line Up

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