Nkwo, Zohi Taglit, UjuEstelo, Style Temple, are a few of the home-grown designers Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has been promoting through her Project #WearNigerian this year. Through the photos, we have grown to know and love a more stylish side of the writer and activist.

But we can all agree that taking time out of a busy schedule to select, upload and tag photos might be a lot of work. So how is Chimamanda’s Instagram page run?

We have a routine: I have pictures taken at my events and I send them to my best friend Uju, my cousin Ogechukwu and my nieces. They make the selection, as I am known to have terrible taste in my own photos, and the photo is put up, with the brands’ Instagram handles, she said in this interview.

Although Chimamanda had initially planned to post the photos on Facebook, her social media-savvy nieces decided that Instagram was a better platform for the project. Now almost a year later, Kamsi, Chisom, and Amaka have succeeded in keeping the Instagram page interesting and engaging, garnering over 100k followers!

The proud Aunty took some time out to celebrate the brains and (yass!) beauties that have been handling the page since it’s inception in April, with a photo of herself and the three girls all stylishly dressed in Nigerian brands. She captioned the photo:

My brilliant, kind, funny, lovely nieces who select and post my Project Wear Nigerian photos here, 16-year-old Kamsi and 20-year-old twins Chisom and Amaka.
And me feeling seriously among.
Photographed by Tunrayo in Lagos.
On Chisom: trousers by Amarelis
On Kamsi: trousers by Nuraniya
On Chimamanda: outfit by She’s Deluxe
On Amaka: outfit by Ndidiamaka Elile