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I’m sure everybody gained one or two new skills or habits in 2020; maybe counting your steps to the fridge and back, scrolling through TikTok all day or reading books about history. My latest habit? Creating boards on Instagram for new fashion and beauty brands I discover after spending an insane amount of time on the app.

No matter my mood, I love discovering and shopping pieces from underrated brands with unique stories and interesting designs. As fashion week is in full swing and we enjoy new collections from top brands around the world, I’m happy to highlight all the beautiful Made-in-Africa fashion items that are in my heart (and cart) right now. Here you will find an array of pieces that fit my preppy and vibrant style; from swoon-worthy dresses and simple basics from new brands like This Is Us and Rendoll Lagos to stunning two-piece sets and striking jewellery from Jermaine Bleu andK’tsobe – brands that have been around a few seasons in. So keep scrolling, here’s a chance to know about these really cool African brands and add some new pieces to your closet.

Jermaine Bleu

Accra, Ghana


Yup! I just can’t ignore a cute vacation-worthy two-piece set (even though travel plans haven’t been made yet haha).

Pepper Row

Lagos, Nigeria 


Statement occasion wear never fail to brighten up my wardrobe.

Patrick Mavros

East Africa (Mauritius & Nairobi)


Everyone deserves pretty jewellery.

Doreen Mashika

Zanzibar, Tanzania


I love this print so much – plus the low cut back? Divine!

Nola Black

Lagos, Nigeria


This mini dress was from two seasons ago but it still feels especially fresh right now and also kind of a classic.




I just love statement jewellery and these are too gorgeous to ignore!




The not-so-basic beach bag every IT girl deserves.

This Is Us

Lagos, Nigeria


If neutrals are more your thing, this soft crop top is for you.

Rendoll Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria


The unlimited styling options of this dress make it an instant fave!