Marrakesh is a global destination for culture and lifestyle enthusiasts. Over the years, travels bloggers from around the world have sojourned to the markets and deserts of the ancient African city to document its beauty. This has gone on to give tourists a run for their money, solidifying Marakkesh as a traveler must-stop.

In April, Dior hosted its Couture Spring/Summer 20 Cruise show in Marrakesh. The record-breaking show Game of Throne was shot partly in Marrakesh. And in 1980, Vogue featured the city in a profile on designer Yves Saint Laurent (who had a home there). This year, the publication in an exclusive feature, has returned once again to capture the vanguards keeping this old heritage that people are seeking out in the Moroccan culture capital, vibrant and relevant.

Find them below:

Hassan Hajjaj: Contemporary Artist

“I’ve been shooting for over 20 years and lucky enough to capture friends from around the world. They’re not just pretty pictures of people dressed up, each series has a story to tell. The message is that we’re all together, not separate.”

Laurence Leenaert: Designer

“I love the vibe here. You wake up with the sun and to views of palm trees, plus the people are so open. It’s addictive…My designs are very personal and spontaneous. I want to make unique pieces that are happy and colourful, and I need to be free to create in the moment.”

Amine Bendriouich: Concept Store Owner

“We are building a new narrative around what it means to be Moroccan, to be African, and how to experience this city. It allows us to exchange on a deeper level with people and have an influence on the community.”

Soufiane Zarib: Carpet Maker

“I take inspiration from the old carpets, and then develop modern collections using vegetable-dyed wool and classic weaving methods…But the real artists are the Berber women we collaborate with in the Atlas Mountains. They have freedom over their needles to make true masterpieces using strong symbols, charming colours and working with sincere love.”

Janine Gaëlle Dieudji: Arts Exhibitions Director

“Our aim is to be a local museum with a global vision…We want to touch our community while offering international standards. Cultural mediation is 70 per cent of what we do, through workshops, school visits and social events. If we don’t have an audience that can break through the intellectual barriers around a space like this, what’s the point?”

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"When you make it into the building, leave the doors open for your people to come through."⁣ Proudly borrowed from @rikyrickworld – Thanks to those who left doors open for me, those who closed doors on me, those who paved the road for/with me, those who taught me how to wisely break the rules, those who unconditionally believe in me. I aspire to inspire, and to always leave the door open for my people… Thanks @hellojennings for writing down our story. Honored to be featured on @britishvogue and @vogueaustralia alongside amazing artists and creatives such as @hassanhajjaj_larache @aminebendriouich @lrnce @telglaoui @no_ritsu @bouchraboudoua @philomenaschurermerckoll and @soufiane.zarib. ?Link in Bio. ? #Wewillownthebuilding #Africatotheworld #motherlandmoguls

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Bouchra Boudoua: Potter

“My grandparents were Berber so on a personal level, pottery is a way to connect to my roots…In Morocco pottery is a man’s job and usually, they paint very symmetrically Arabic designs. I am interested in bringing modern principles to this ancient language and using simple, freehand brushstrokes.”

Noria Chaal: Filmmaker

“I came to make a film on immigrant identity and realised there was so much human connection here. It just felt like the right place to be. It’s important for me to use my creativity to have an impact on this society.”

Philomena Schurer Merckoll: Hotelier

“For me, there’s a frisson in the air. It’s an inspiration for all of your senses, there is artisanship everywhere…Even now it still offers a sense of fun that’s hard to find anywhere else.”

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